Exhibit Planning

Take a Look at what we have designed.

Bank Horizon

Trade Show

Are you looking to plan a show? And just dont know where to start. Contact Us Today!

National Vape Expo

Trade Show

Here at Demers Expo we specialize in custom booth designs. Please take a look at the booth designed for Dinner Lady

Badcock Home Furniture & More

Trade Show

Who doesn't love a grand entrance into a show? Are you looking to have our planning team design and build a spectacular for your guests? Then look no further than Demers Exposition Services.

Video Wall Designs


We have the ability to have a straight line, curved, or even a wave when it comes to a video surface to put your brand on. If you are interested in this impressive visual display we can design one for you today!

Trade Show Booth Design

Trade Show

Booth designs are critical for eye catching attention. You can turn to our Design Team to come up with something that you wont forget after the close of your show!

Black Tie Events


Are you looking to have a dazzling and sensational Gala event? That can make your fundraiser or benefit dinner be a the talk of the town for many years to come and be the must attend event of the year. We have a team of specialists who cater to the needs of that kind of warm and inviting atomosphere.

Themes and Designs

Trade Shows

We can customize everything from floor plans to wayfinding for your event. Look no further than this playful take on a board game map.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

We find many ways to make sure our clients get all the space you can out of an expo space, are you looking to fit your show into a new venue or even an existing one? We have the right team to help you with this.

Registration & Check In

Trade Show & Events

Registration is the first stop your attendees make on the road to your event. It’s also the first chance to make a great impression. We understand the importance of registration and how integral it is to your event success.